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 1stKMH Web Design Looking to take your business into the next level by getting a website? Well here at 1stKMH we  do exactly that, we have an onsite Web Designer making websites for some of the most prestigous businesses in the area at very competative prices. So click here and take a look at some of our work.

Laptop Repairs

 Laptop Repairs 1st KMH Computers know the laptop repair business, we have undertaken the repair and service of almost all makes of laptop, from the well known brands of Sony Vaio , Dell , and Toshiba to bespoke specialist units.

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Second Hand Laptops

 Second Hand Laptops Here at first KMH we offer a large range of second had laptops, with top brands and low prices we can be sure you will find what you want with us. Click here to see our second hand laptops that are currently up for sale.
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Unix Servers PDF Print E-mail
 We use the latest Unix operating system on our servers to avoid extra license fees and provide extra reliability.

Your server can provide simple file sharing.
You can have per user shared folders or public folders. We can tailor it to suit your needs. Intranet
Your server can host your own little intranet where you can share documents with other users.
Test your own websites before uploading them to a public site.
Host web mail so you check your mail from any PC or even from home.
Have your own web based Calendar so staff all ways knows what the other person is doing.

Use your server to filter email for Spam and viruses. Keep a backup of all email.
Restrict certain users from sending email.

Content Filtering
Stop staff from accessing certain websites or websites containing certain content.
Speed up web browsing by caching web content on the server. Monitor staff web browsing.

Unix comes with a choice of backup programs that provide a reliable and simple backup.
Backup reports can be emailed to you daily.

Unix is number one when it comes to security it remains unaffected by all windows viruses.
Communication between server and client can be encrypted via IPSEC or using SSL

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